10 for 10

10 for 10

     There’s an old saying in the world of entrepreneurs: To get something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done. Here at Noble Timepieces our keys to success are measured by our willingness to not only set goals, but to reach and far exceed them.


     We’ve been working harder than ever to meet a goal that we set at the beginning of the year. That goal is to be in 10 retail stores before the end of 2018. We are currently in 9 stores spread throughout Southern California. With the holiday seasons quickly approaching, retail shelves are packed with product and stores are making their final adjustments for the huge influx of customers. With that being said, we have a very small window to climb through in order to land 1 more store, but our team is confident we can accomplish this goal. When we do reach that goal, were going to be giving away 10 FREE watches to celebrate so stay tuned for details and a chance to win!


     We have also been preparing several new colorways for the Director and Offset models for their holiday debut. The first release will be around early November so keep an eye out for something "Limited". We also began the prototyping process on a new accessory we've never made before. Since we’re at the very beginning stages for this product we currently do not have a release date but are super excited about it. Expect an update in the coming months.



     On top of working on current projects and designs we’re always thinking about the future. Some of the ideas that have been on our minds are automatic movements, day/date windows, a women's line, and assembly in the USA. What makes us excited here at Noble is knowing we’re just hitting the tip of the iceberg when it comes to design and features we can offer you. We always look forward to seeing our designs improve year after year as we strive to make sure our product quality is a step above the rest.



      Stay up to date with all of Noble's happenings by joining our Newsletter at the bottom of the site. Keep an eye out for a motivational interview we did with a young hustler coming up next. Until next time, eyes on the prize.


-Westley Noble 

Founder | CEO