All Access

All Access

Things are happening fast here at Noble Timepieces - but we're not even thinking of slowing down. Pre-orders have started (and are still ongoing) with our new collection: The Director. Being the first of our custom wristwatches to feature both a leather band and metal link option, orders are continuing to pile in. The more the better. No need to feel left out. Using the code timeisnoble at the checkout screen you can save yourself 25% and cop that fire just in time for this year's summer BBQs and backyard boogies.

For those of you following the monthly updates, you'll be pleased to know that this month's blog features some exciting developments for both new and returning customers. Coming later this summer we will be unveiling a surprise release that is sure to be a welcome addition to those who aren't afraid to be a little versatile. So, whether you're rocking the retirement addition Black Mambas or sporting the Damn Daniels, this new colorway is sure to compliment your swag.

The team has also stepped back to the drafting boards and have already finished the blueprints for another men's collection, but don't worry, we're planning an exclusive line specifically for the ladies as well so stayed tuned for more details to follow.

In other news, early last month the Noble Timepieces team recently hooked up with urban fashion magazine N.U.D.E. for a photo shoot and an exclusive two-page spread. Look, I already know what you're thinking and it isn't that type of mag. The only thing going full frontal is our Director model, and I'm not talking about the person wearing it. The owner of the magazine is a hip chick by the name of Raylene Pereyra. For those interested in a copy of this month's issue 004, shoot on over to


The next couple months look promising so be sure to check back to stay current. For those of you who want to stay in the loop with behind the scenes updates be sure to follow us @Noble_Timepieces.