New Heights

New Heights

They say May is one of the most gorgeous months of the year. I guess that depends on where in the world you're experiencing it from. In Southern California this month's weather has been a mix between Sin City and Mad Maxx; one minute it's cloudily with gray undertones and the next minute it feels like a blistering desert. There's nothing like the smell of chemtrails and globing warming in the morning.

In more important news, we've almost finished with our very first pre-order campaign and the numbers are in: The Gunmetal Director has been the runaway favorite from the new collection. But, no matter which colorway you choose, our timepieces look great with both leather straps or metal links. Sure, it may sound a little bias, but nothing beats quality and compared to the competition we are the standard to which style and substance should be measured. Just ask our customers, or better yet, head on over to our timepiece collection and become one yourself.

Last June we interviewed pro BMX rider Kriss Kyle and almost one year later we are proud to announce him as the newest addition to the Noble Timepieces team. That's right ladies and gentlemen, beginning this July, Noble Timepieces will be the official sponsor of Kriss Kyle. Que the applause.

"Cali is by far one of my favorite places to go and ride," Kriss said during a brief interview early last week, "It's got everything you need. The weather, the spots, the beaches, and the people. I love everything about it!

Amidst traveling the globe and competing in international showcases, Kriss Kyle recently finished a project called Kaleidoscope with Red Bull. When asked about any other big projects in the works, he had this to say: "With Red Bull we are always working on what's next and its always going to be bigger and better than before. I have a project lined up this year called Wallriders which will be a lot of fun."

Kriss goes on to say, "I'm pretty much going to travel the world to a bunch of different locations, hit five crazy walls that are located in different parts of the world, and try to ride my bike around them. We are also doing another huge project next year which I'm really excited about! With this one, though, I can't say much at the moment, but for what we have planned I couldn't be more stoked!"

Sounds to me like we got a young Johnny Utah on our hands folks. As long as he stays clear of Kurt Russell and the Okazi 8, he should be fine. Kriss Kyle symbolizes everything Noble Timepieces stands for in terms of hard work and dedication, and we look forward to showing you more of what we as a team have planned. As we continue to reach new heights the pursuit never stops. Stay tuned.