New Years has come and gone, and we are almost done with the month of January. Time sure does fly, and 2015 for Noble Timepieces is showing no signs of slowing down. After a successful Kickstarter campaign for Season 0 part I, we got back on the horse, prototyped a new and improved model, and went right back at it.

The Sunburst Series is Season 0 Part II of the Pursuit timepiece and it is now live on Kickstarter here: With a little less than a month to go, we are almost halfway funded. We have been making some positive waves in social media and received some pub after Drama posted a shot of himself wearing all three of our original Pursuit timepieces on his Instagram. As mentioned in our September blog of last year, we still have some creative projects underway with Drama so stay tuned!

For only a $140 pledge, you could own one of our exclusive Sunburst timepieces. The great news is that you won't be charged until the project is fully funded on February 28, 2015! Take advantage of the opportunity now, because the Sunburst Series is the last line of the Pursuit that we will be manufacturing and once they sell out, they are gone forever.


  • Nick Hannon

    Love this watch, and I guess I can never purchase it? If I can ease tell me how and when?


  • Noble Timepieces

    Hey Ryan,

    The link was above in the story. Sorry about the late reply. The Sunburst Series will be up on our site ready to buy in July.

  • Ryan Drehobl

    How do you purchase the sunburst series watch?

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