We live in a day and age were emoticons, emoji, and textspeak are commonplace. I remember a time when the number sign was just some "tic-tac-toe-looking button on the keypad" that I never pressed, now it's used more often than Arnold Schwarzenegger in an action movie. But I digress. As many of you are well aware, Noble Timepieces embarked on a second Kickstarter campaign following the success of our first run. Due to popular demand we introduced to you Season 0 Part II of the Pursuit, and as of today we are officially #funded!

This time around we had over 169 backers and finished at a little north of 129% funded. We really caught fire down the stretch and we have each and every one of you to thank for that success! We as a company pride ourselves at providing the best quality at an affordable price, and we are glad that more people were willing to take the pledge and cop some fire. But don't fret, now that the Sunburst Series is in production, those of you that missed out on the Kickstarter will still have a chance to purchase one (or all) of the exclusive Sunburst Series timepieces on our website. Quantities of our original timepieces are running low so if you don't already own one of our Season 0 Part I models, now is the chance to take advantage.

The future is looking bright as we move forward. The word is spreading and our notoriety is growing. Noble Timepieces may be a micro brand - for now - but there have been many instances where the "little guy" has weathered the storm and reigned victorious. I'm brought back to when Hulk Hogan body slammed Andre the Giant, when Goku first beat Frieza, when Rocky beat Clubber Lang, or when O'Connor finally beat Toretto in a drag race. Those are some iconic victories! Even though they are pop culture you get my drift (pun unintended). The exciting part is, you will be able to say you were there when Noble Timepieces first took off and you'll have an exclusive timepiece from our original line to prove it. Stay tuned for more updates but if you need a fix, check out some of our previous blogs.

Remember, the finer things in life are "Earned not Inherited" so go out and go get it.

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