Nostalgia. We all have that feeling of reminiscence every now and again.

Looney Tunes ice cream with the bubble gum eyes on a hot summer day; black snake fireworks on the Fourth of July; or plastic Easter eggs with the flavored Tootsie Rolls inside, all may bring a feeling of both pleasure and sadness that is caused by remembering something from the past and wishing that you could experience it again. When it comes to setting ourselves apart from the competition we decided to tap into that deep rooted connection of nostalgia, specifically, that excited feeling of receiving a present.

We take pride in customer satisfaction. It's one thing to say it, but Noble Timepieces makes it personal. We believe that it's not just about the product, but also the packaging. All too often watch brands only offer a simple box and a booklet of instructions with their wristwatches. At Noble Timepieces we do things a little differently. For our Season 0 Part 1 model of the Pursuit, we offer a much more elaborate presentation.

Our limited edition timepieces come adorned in a custom designed box with a UV logo on the top lid. You also receive a hand-numbered info card, a gray microfiber cloth with our teal logo screen printed in the center, and a custom sticker. But, to add a cherry on top, our packaging comes gift wrapped in matte black tissue paper and sealed with the company logo. For everyone else it's just about the watch. For us it's all about the details.

With each new model we come out with, our packaging exclusives will change. For those of you who pre-ordered our Season 0 Part 2 Sunburst timepieces, you can expect us to go above and beyond to show our appreciation for your support. Once they are launched on the website don't be surprised if the remaining serialized timepieces sell out fast so stay on the lookout for its official launch.

When you purchase one of our limited edition timepieces, remember that it is personally wrapped for you. With hopes of tapping into those fond memories of birthday gifts and Christmas presents, Noble Timepieces will always strive to offer more than meets the eye and keep our customers exited for the brand.

The future is bright and the best is yet to come.