At Noble Timepieces we like to provide our customers with all the tools they need to stay ahead of the curve. It's one thing to wear one of our timepieces, but it is another thing altogether when you are able to further customize something already exclusive. I'm talking about our new additions. Not to be confused with the R&B and pop group, New Edition, which for those unfamiliar, were the progenitors of the boy band movement and introduced the new jack swing.

We are now offering three different accessories that will be on sale, for want of better, on our Accessories tab of the website. They are our personal Branded spring bar tool, Butterfly Clasps, and Leather Straps.


Our Noble Timepieces spring bar tool is basically used to remove the strap from the case and the buckle from the strap, allowing you to seamlessly interchange parts and add a fresh new customized look to your timepiece. This tool comes in handy because you won't need to go to your local shopping mall or watch store to make the swap when you can do it from the convenience of your own home. Our tool is two-sided and has replaceable pin-hole push tips and fork-style tips that will work for most brands and is available now.

The Butterfly Clasps allows an alternative way to put on and take off your watch in a quick and convenient way. They are made with 316L stainless steel and come PVD coated in gold, black, and matte silver. We have our logo etched into this great accessory just like our standard clasp and will be available mid september.

The Leather Straps we offer are 24mm wide, impression stamped with our logo on the lining, and made from genuine calfskin. The best part is whether you own an original Pursuit or the Sunburst, the straps fit both cases perfectly. Just by swapping strap colors can add a whole new look to your timepiece or you can replace the original color - the choice is yours. We offer colors in matte black, gray, tan, and red and they will be available mid september as well.


This trifecta of accessories are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your customization options. We have lots of other new additions in the works, which we plan to release in the Summer of 2016. That may seem like a long wait, but just remember, each new watch model we release in the meantime will feature its own array of goodies within the packaging.

Did I say "new watch model"? Stay tuned.