Adventures in HK Pt 3

Adventures in HK Pt 3

Day 5 in Hong Kong began back at the Watch and Clock fair. It was Day 3 at the convention and probably the most exciting because of the types of meetings the team took part in. Don't sweat the details because the coming months for those following along will be well worth the wait.


(Photo: Headed back to the hotel after the fair)

Later that day, we headed back to the hotel to get ready for a photo shoot Aris and Steven booked with a local model, Hong Kong's own Sara Hare. Aris tried to get all professional before the shoot so he decided to get a haircut, not knowing that the barber was going to use nothing but scissors. What happens in Hong Kong stays in Hong Kong...except that awful haircut. That came back with Aris. We got some good shots with an authentic vibe of the city, and for those of you paying attention, you'll notice that we also featured some limited edition watch straps. After the shoot it was time to do a little more sightseeing so we decided to take a journey to see the giant Buddha statue.


(Photo: Shot of Sara Hare by Aris Jerome)

Once we got to the location we found out that the cable cars were down for maintenance. The guys were a little bummed because they wanted to get some aerial shots of the mountains and villages surrounded by the beautiful green scenery. I didn't mind because I didn't really like the idea of hanging several hundred feet above the mountains by a single iron string with a cable car that was made of plexiglass. We ended up taking a 40-minute taxi ride in a clown car with no air conditioning up a winding mountain path with thin roads and more cows than a Texas rodeo. Maybe the cable car wouldn't have been so bad after all.


(Photo: We made it to the Big Buddha just in time)

Luckily we got to Ngong Ping Village right before it closed because we were literally the last tourist they let in. For those of you that use the Stairmaster at the gym, let me know if they have a setting called "Big Buddha", because if they don't then maybe they should. My legs are still burning from that climb. We got some great shots once atop the monument. We ended that eventful day at a popular Chinese restaurant referred to us by a sushi chef from a few days prior.


(Photo: At the top of the Big Buddha)

Day 6 was the teams last full day in Hong Kong. With our dealing at the Watch and Clock fair finished, business meetings closed with success, and photo shoots in the books, today was the day to go all out. The team embarked on a journey back to Kowloon island, and visited a 15-story mall packed with a variety of high-end and low-end stores, including a Bape store. After some rounds of shopping we ate at a place called Pepper that served us raw meat, rice, and vegetables on a hot skillet.


(Photo: Inside the Langham Place on the 4th floor which has some of the longest escalators in the world)

Afterwards we headed to Victoria Peak to see the entire skyline of Hong Kong. No postcard or camera shot can even begin to explain the gorgeous view, but we hope you get a good feel of what we experienced with the photo below. The night was still young and there was only one way to end it on a good note. We were headed back to Vida Loca in Wan Chai. We were challenged to come Friday and we had arrived. Stephanie recognized us and told Miguel, the other bartender. He was the reason we were told to come back Friday. We asked for our first drink, which was a Red Bull and Vodka, and before we could even take the first drink he was already pouring us a free shot. As crazy as it sounds, Hong Kong is the only place I know of that will make you pay for water but give you free drinks all night.


After 3 mixed drinks and 7 free shots, it was time to call it a night. The vibe in the bar was excellent and the live band kept everyone entertained. Miguel almost drowned us in alcohol to the point where if any of us had one more shot, we would have had to start a new Hangover movie.


(Photo: Stayed up to see the last sunrise in Hong Kong before we departed)

Day 7 was the day we all headed home. We took with us not only souvenirs but something much more valuable, and that was a deeper camaraderie and a lot of new memories. As far as mistaken identity goes, I was mistaken for Rick Ross by Sara Hare, Suge Knight by a drunk exchange student, Kimbo Slice by a toothless old guy, and George Duke by our hotel bar tenders. Rick was mistaken for Rob Dyrdek and I'm glad I wasn't there to witness that otherwise I would have probably had Big Black to add to my celebrity résumé.


(Photo: Getting ready to leave the hotel and head to the Airport)

It would have been a peaceful flight back to the states had it not been for that demon baby a couple rows behind us. It screamed bloody murder the entire time. At one point I thought someone would need to perform an exorcism but we managed to survive, arriving back in the good ol' US of A on the same day we left Hong Kong. Because Hong Kong is 15-hours ahead that meant we literally traveled back in time and we didn't even need a Flux Capacitor. Eat your heart out, Doc Brown.


(Photo: Green tea ice cream? Sure why not)

All-in-all, the trip was a success and the future is looking bright. Where our travels take us next, only "time" will tell.