Covid-19, Protest, Riots & Economic Downturn

Covid-19, Protest, Riots & Economic Downturn

2020 has been a wild ride for all of us to say the least. With the Covid-19 virus outbreak, the economic downturn to worldwide protesting and riots. Everyone has been effected in one way or another by the recent events that have taken place so far this year. At Noble we’ve been doing our best to stay positive and continuing to work on our future timepieces, upcoming releases, updating our website and spending time actively marketing our company where we can. It’s during uncertain times like were currently facing that builds character and shapes our future of tomorrow.

One of the things we always preach to our family, friends, customers and fans is to NEVER GIVE UP. Sometimes it would be easier to just throw in the towel, but that’s not what were about at Noble. You and all of our customers have continued to support us during these trying times regardless of the chaos and or the financial situation you are in and we greatly appreciate every single one of you. You are the reason why we are here today. You keep us motivated and focused on our goals as a company and we look forward to continuing to serve you for the years to come.

At the start of the New Year we released a photo of one of our upcoming designs the ‘Estate’. We were planning on launching this product in late April, but as you know everything was turned upside down. We have experienced a sever loss in revenue due to the closer of all of our retail stores and are now faced with a decision... We have decided that we will be attempting our 4th Kickstarter campaign for the ‘Estate’ timepiece. This platform allows us to pre-sale the ‘Estate’ to you before we make the large financial investment in manufacturing. In order for us to be able to begin production on the Estate timepiece we must hit our financial goal that we set. Kickstarter is an ‘All or nothing’ crowd funding website. What that means is, if we don’t hit our goal we will not receive a single cent that we raised and therefore the Estate timepiece will not be produced.

We are very proud of the Estate timepiece, which is our very first chronograph we’ve designed. Stay tuned for the official pre-order launch date which will be announced soon. Our goal is to get the timepieces to you before Christmas this year so they are nestled neatly under the Christmas tree. We thank you once again and with your help we can bring the Estate timepiece to life.

-Westley Noble