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Get Gifting

Once again due to manufacturing delays... we were unable to release a neat little project we had been working on since summer of 2021. What was this neat little project you might ask? In short, curated Men's & Women's gift boxes. Our plan was to release them at the end of January and roll right into Valentines day. We unfortunately didn't receive the gift boxes until February 15th... A little late.

If you know us we've been through worse, everything will be just fine! One of the awesome aspects about the gift boxes is that you will actually save money by purchasing a gift box verses, buying the watch and a strap individually.

The gift box is custom made and designed in house by us. The box has a very modern, sleek design to it. There's no need to wrapped this box up if you don't want to, it's can easily stand alone and still look great. Anyone you decide to purchase a gift box for will truly be impressed by the presentation.

Feel free to check out the Men's Gift Boxes (HERE) and the Women's gift boxes (HERE) As always leave a comment of send us an email with any questions you may have. Hang tight for the next project were working on coming up next!


Westley Noble | Founder & CEO