Hard Work On Display

Hard Work On Display

Now that the roses, teddy bears and chocolates are out of the way, let us show you a brand new accessories we’ve been working on here at Noble. As the year continues to fly by we've been working hard on something just for you. Since we first started back in 2015, we've always wanted to create our own custom timepiece display case. A display case is something we knew we could offer you so you could properly display and store your NOBLE timepieces when you weren’t wearing them. Which we know isn’t very often. Wink wink. We started from scratch and designed every millimeter of the case ourselves. We use MDF wood that is cut and assembled by hand.

Once the assembly is finished the entire case is sanded by hand to remove and perfect any surface defects. The case then heads to the paint department where generous layers of matte black and gloss black paint are applied to the case. Our Noble logo is then screen printed in a semi-gloss black onto the top lid of the case to add a subtle detail.

Next the case heads to the upholstery department where the interior of the case is wrapped in soft black velvet fabric. The five padded watch pillows are assembled and wrapped in the same black velvet fabric with black stitching to match. Now that the case is completed, a visual inspection is done to make sure the case is up to the Noble standard. Once it passes inspection, the case is carefully placed into some foam padding and then into our custom cardstock box.

 You work hard for your money and we believe when you purchase one of our timepieces you should be able to put that hard work on display. Welcome the “Hard Work On Display” case to the Noble collection. Pre-orders are available now (HERE) and shipping will begin in about two weeks. What’s next? Our long awaited chronograph timepiece. Stay tuned and keeping crushing those goals.