When it comes to wristwatches people tend to be subjective, and rightfully so. For some, it may be hard to imagine what's so hard about deciding on something so simple, but the truth has always been in the details. Whether it be the shape of the dial or the uniqueness of the chain link, one thing that always remains a constant in this ever expanding watch game is the time. It doesn't matter if it's a watch from the vending machine or a watch from the most sought after company in the industry, when it comes to telling time, all watches are one in the same.

So it then begs the question: What makes us different? As a micro watch brand in an already thriving and established industry, this is the question we get asked most frequently and the answers are simple enough. There are four main reasons why we're different, and they are the foundations by which our company stands.



 It's one thing to claim quality, and another thing to prove it altogether. Anyone with a decent phone and a familiarity with Photoshop can make a watch look like the best thing since sliced bread, but the customer who receives the product always gets the final say. Misdirection is something we have nothing to worry about because all of our watches use sapphire crystal for our lenses which is second in hardness only to a diamond. It is highly scratch resistant, unlike mineral crystal which is the cheaper alternative many of our competitors use.

We use Swiss quartz movements in all of our models. We've found that the Swiss movements are very accurate with keeping time and very reliable, having a 2+ year battery life versus Japanese movements which are considered the cheaper alternative seen in most watch retailers. Our movement holders are also made of steel instead of plastic, giving our timepieces a comfortable weight.

We use 316L stainless steel for all of our watch cases. It is corrosive resistant and used in marine applications. It also has excellent strength even under high temperatures. If doctors use this type of metal in various surgical operations you can rest assured that you're getting quality that can't be faked.


Every Noble Timepieces is distinguished not only by its look but also by its name. You will find each series we release has a name and personalized font on the side of the case. Each name stands for something uplifting which we write about on a card inside the packaging. We can all use some encouragement so when you look down at your wrist its a constant reminder to never give up, keep working hard, and not to forget how far you've come. We believe the good life is earned not inherited.

100% Custom           

Every single one of our watch models goes through a rigorous design process - from the initial sketch to the finished product. Sure, we could copy all the other watch companies making super thin dapper watches right now and call it our own but that doesn't sit right with us. We love design and to create something new and unique is an exciting feeling. That alone makes our watches one of a kind.



We love to give and that's why whenever you purchase from us you will receive a free gift or gifts. Whether it be a microfiber cloth, a sticker pack, a leather strap, a spring bar tool, or a discount code, you will always get something extra with each and every purchase.

We carefully gift-wrap every order so everyone can experience what it feels like to be a kid again for that short time between receiving your Noble Timepiece and unveiling it for the first time.

Our team handwrites Thank You letters for each order, so yes, real people do work here. We are not robots. Although I have been known to bust a mean pop lock every now and again.

How can other companies claim to have a quality product when they don't even use quality components. Sounds like a bunch of hypocrites if you ask me, but don't take our word for it. The truth is in details as the old saying goes, one that you've figured out by now we stand by. We stand behind our product and are proud to offer you a two year warranty and incredible customer service to back it up. You'll have no regrets when you shop with Noble so take a look at our current series and put our quality to the test. We dare you.