Being in the month of July makes it official that we are halfway through the year. While most people are occupied with enjoying barbeque ribs and swimming pools, the Noble Timepieces team has continued to grind. Our brand encourages optimism, which is evident by the unique names we carefully associate with our timepieces, but our willingness to succeed was put to the test when we received an opportunity to host a booth at this year's Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa, California.


Just to put things into perspective, the Fair dates are from July 15th to August 14th and a booth became available to us only six days before it began. Of course, we couldn't pass up on the opportunity to further expand the company's reach, especially when there were literally pages and pages of vendors on the waiting list. We knew we had to take advantage of the opening and so with six days notice until the start of the Fair we made the decision to buckle up and prepare for the ride.


Now that we had an empty 10x8ft booth we only had about four days to prep everything to be presentation ready. The only problem was we didn't have any inventory. As expected, the watches had arrived just as we planned, but they were being held in Customs for inspection and weren't released to the company until two days before the start of the Fair. For those of you who placed your Pre-Orders with us, your watches were sent out the very same day after our own quality control process made sure everything was packaged and ready.

Wes and Rick pulled their resources and not only designed, but built the booth in less than twenty-four hours. But that wasn't the end of the struggle. They still had to develop a way to keep track of the inventory and transport the watches to and from the Fair each night. Part of the headache was in ordering a new POS system. Thank Goodness that it was Amazon Prime Day because all of the equipment they needed to finish setups arrived the day before the Fair began!


Sure, the entire process may seem like a last minute scramble, but in the end it all worked out because of our resolve and our team spirit. After all, sometimes to get something you've never had you have to do something you've never done: and we made sure to get it done. The opening weekend of the Fair was incredible. Let's just say we might sell out of several colorways of our newly released Director model, so bravo to those of you who pre-ordered yours at the discounted price. Over all we've had a very positive vibe from the OC crowd and were well received. Come visit us in person to see what the rave is all about!


We are in Booth #721 in the Carnival of products building.