College isn’t for everyone and this is surely the case for Raylene Pereyra. She’s the 23- year-old founder and CEO of the new upcoming print publication called NUDE (@nude.mag). Simply bored with where she was headed in life creatively, she started the magazine to shed some light on different aspects of the creative industry. She features models, stylists, designers, makeup artists and many more in every single issue. Raylene is an extremely hard worker and is constantly planning, directing, editing and executing a full issue every single month. Read on and learn more about this young entrepreneur who shows no signs of slowing down…


Noble: Tells us a little about yourself and where you grew up

RP: I grew up in Quartz Hill with my family and moved to Moorpark when I was in high school. After high school I tried to go to college but it wasn’t for me so I dropped out and started modeling. Once I realized that modeling wasn’t for me, I started creative directing at a company in Beverly Hills and then started the magazine shortly after that!


Noble: When did you first decide to follow your dream of starting a magazine company?

RP: The crazy thing is that it was never my dream to have a magazine. I decided one day to start it for fun and here I am, a year later, with it as my full-time job.


Noble: Why did you decided to start a magazine?

RP: I was bored with what I was doing at the time and wanted to expand creatively. I was always into graphic design, layouts and art so it was a perfect fit.


Noble: How did you come up with the name of the magazine?

RP: Honestly, NUDE popped into my head the second I thought of starting a magazine.


Noble: What do you love the most about running your company?

RP: Being your own boss is the shit.


Noble: What are some of the biggest challenges of running it?

RP: There aren’t many challenges but I guess I’d say staying creative. Sometimes it’s hard to think of new ideas each month but I always figure it out and find inspiration.


Noble: Most people just see the end product, which in your case is the magazine. Tell everyone what actually goes into it every month.

RP: Lots of planning, creative directing, deciding what the theme will be, looking through submissions, making interviews, editing interviews, photo shoots, the list goes on. But I can say that all of this work makes me really happy and I love doing it. I would rather be super busy all the time than bored!


Noble: How many hours do you work per week?

RP: ALL OF THEM. But again, no complaints here.


Noble: What does success mean to you?

RP: Trying not to sound too cliché here but I think if you achieve what you want and you are happy, then that is success.


Noble: Where do you see yourself in 3 years?

RP: Definitely still running NUDE but in an office space with employees and lots more experience under my belt.


Noble: If you won a million dollars what would you do with it?

RP: I feel like the right answer is to invest it but I’d totally buy a new car and get a whole new wardrobe. Give some money to those I love, and then invest the rest? Who knows?


Noble: What's currently at the top of your playlist?

RP: Kaytranada is always at the top of my playlist but check out our SoundCloud nudemagmusic for some good music.


Noble: Do you have any words of motivation you can offer entrepreneurs or anyone thinking about heading down that path?

RP: Don’t be too hard on yourself. Remind yourself of your goals, work hard and keep the big picture in mind.


Noble: Anyone you would like to thank or shout-out?

RP: Of course! Thank you so much to everyone who has helped me to get to this point. All the makeup artists, photographers, stylists, models, friends and family who have supported me. Thanks to my boyfriend and grandma for helping me whenever I need it. Shout-out to NOBLE for the interview!

Thank you so much for your time Raylene! Go ahead and head over to her website ( ) and cop the latest issues featuring TYGA and Madison Beer. Here at the Noble HQ we’ve really been focusing on fine-tuning everything that we do. We are never in a hurry to just “get something done”. We are firm believers in being patient and doing things right. Stay tuned for the next edition of Motivation. Keep working hard and be patient. Your time will come!