Our latest release is finally here! Introducing the all NEW Pursuit 3. The Pursuit is a very special model to us here at Noble. It was the watch that started it all. Back in 2014 when we ran our very first Kickstarter, it was with a Pursuit timepiece. I named the watch the Pursuit because it was what I was doing. Pursing my dreams of starting a watch company. The name of the watch also inspired me to incorporate a positive name and message into everything we did moving forward.

This time around we didn't leave anything untouched. The Pursuit 3 was completely redesigned. We made the case slightly thicker, and we designed a new 3-link band that compliment the new case thickness. The crown was retooled and we added an enamel filling to match the dial of each colorway. The hour index on the dial as well as logo placement and the date window are all new, never done before items on the Pursuit. The hands were redesigned and retooled for this time around to finish everything off perfectly.

All these changes make for a beautiful updated Pursuit timepiece that we are truly proud of. As a designer I have come a long way. You can really see my progression in my latest designs and I can't wait to see the all NEW Pursuit 3 on some wrists out there. Never stop striving, never give up on your goals and never settle.


Westley Noble | Founder & CEO