Running a business is not easy in today's competitive marketplace. Started with some leftover graduation money and an eye for good design, Daniel Escarsega founded RVRND. A clothing brand that is internationally know for its designs and high quality products that intertwine with ones reality. With goals to grow the brand to multiple retail locations its safe to say RVRND, values the trials and crafts of tomorrow. This is something we strive for here at NOBLE as well and we were stoked to sit down and chop it up for a few minutes to learn more...

NOBLE: Tell us a little about yourself and where you grew up.

DE: My name is Daniel Escarsega, born in Santa Barbara, CA and raised in Lompoc, CA. I'm a proud father and the owner/designer of RVRND.

NOBLE: When did you decide that you wanted to start your brand?

DE: I decided to start a brand a year after high school in July of 2011. I was inspired after all the window shopping on Karmaloop back in the day lol

NOBLE: Where did the money come from to start the business?

DE: I had a little funds left from my graduation money and I put that towards the first run of 12 t-shirts.

NOBLE: How did you come up with the name?

DE: I remember writing down so many different names one night. Then after making a list sitting up and googling every name. I wanted to make sure it was something original. Long story short the names I wrote down didn't make the cut. Then I thought about a 'reverend' not in a sense or religion, but as someone of respect (reverence). Then I shortened it to my now 5 favorite letters RVRND.

NOBLE: What do you enjoy most about running your company?

DE: I love the idea of now I am doing what I absolutely love.

NOBLE: What are some of the biggest challenges of running it?

DE: My biggest challenge would have to be time management. Being self-employed it's difficult to find a balance between personal life and business. Especially as of now it's only me.

NOBLE: What inspires your designs?

DE: Honestly just about anything inspires me. Whether if I am driving somewhere, listening to music, or even just having conversations with my friends in the shop.

NOBLE: When did you open your shop?

DE: I opened the store August 28th 2016.

NOBLE: Do you have an online presence or was the goal to always to go retail from the get?

DE: I had a pretty heavy online presence back when I was only e-commerce, but once I got the store going I kind of neglected the site to get the shop operating smoothly. Now I am in the process of building it back up.

NOBLE: What's different from your brand compared to others?

DE: That's a tough one... I would say RVRND hasn't really been categorized or labeled compared to some brands who immediately decipher who they are selling to. I pretty much just design whatever I want regardless if I think if it will sell or not.

NOBLE: A lot of people see the end result when you release a new collection. Tell people what actually goes into it.

DE: For starters I come up with a concept I want to run with for the collection. Design a handful of items that reflect the concept. Then comes the process of elimination. That's probably the toughest part. When thats done I email the designs and mock ups to my manufacturer and receive the order within a couple weeks. We usually do a shoot for the product same day of receiving shipment. Try to build it up on social platforms, and the following day or two is the release.

NOBLE: Roughly how many hours do you work each week?

DE: Maybe 46-48 give or take.

NOBLE: Is running a business easy?

DE: I mean it's not easy, but it's something I definitely enjoy doing. Hope to do it for years to come.

NOBLE: What does success mean to you?

DE: For me I just want to inspire people. If I can do that pay my bills and keep food on the table I'm successful.

NOBLE: Where do you see yourself in 3 years?

DE: My plan is to expand the brand and start putting it in other stores. Possibly relocate my current store to a bigger city or keep this one open and have multiple. I also want to get into the jewelry business eventually.

NOBLE: Who's currently at the top of your playlist?

DE: Right now... Run The Jewels, Kendrick Lamar, Earth Gang, and Aminé

NOBLE: Do you have any words of motivation you can offer entrepreneurs or anyone thinking about heading down that path?

DE: You'll never know if you don't try. Life is to short to live in the unknown or the "what if" side of things.

NOBLE: Anyone you'd like to thank of shout out?

My son, Darren for inspiring me to be better everyday. My family for being supportive of all my crazy ideas, My friends, and all of you that have supported RVRND and the shop as well.
Thanks Noble for the Interview !!

Thanks so much for sharing just a glimpse of your story Daniel, we really appreciate your time! Feel free to check out his website (HERE) or his store (HERE)

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