As another month flies by, we inch close to the light at the end of the tunnel as Gavin Newsom recently announced that everything can be open 100% by June 15th. That date couldn’t come any faster in our opinion. As more and more retail establishments open back up, we have hit the ground running looking to acquire new retail partners.


     We haven’t had a new retailer since November 2019, so it only made sense to partner with our long-term friend and retailer Chris Limon from Passport. He recently opened up his third location in Santa Maria, California and graciously gave us some of his valuable retail space to set up a nice little tabletop display in his new store.


     Chris is a visionary, with plans to open a fourth location in Santa Barbra within the next couple of years. We are so fortune to be able to share our passion for quality goods with Chris and we’re so thankful for the opportunity to grow with his company that he started from the ground up. We wish him and his Passport family nothing but positivity and success.


     At Noble we are finalizing the artwork on our new women’s model “The Promise” and we should begin prototyping next week. Stay tuned for a sneak peeks on our newest timepiece coming soon! We are also working on some new updated Pursuit and Offset dials that were super excited about and hope to share with you soon as well. Stay focused on your vision and keep working hard.



Westley Noble Founder| CEO