While You Sleep

While You Sleep

Being unique and creating your own style is what it takes for you to stand out these days. With technology so readily available we often see mass amounts of people copying each other everyday. The Noble team had the opportunity to sit down and chop it up with world famous golden hour and late night photographer Brighton Galvan (@brightong). We learned a lot about this young hustler who has amassed a huge online following due to his one-of-a-kind shots. He created his own style and it has paid off for him in big ways!



Q: Tell us a little about yourself and where you've grown up.

A: My name is Brighton Galvan, I’m 26 and I was born and raised in Lompoc CA. Growing up life was great, I was homeschooled so I was always around my parents, family and friends! I played a lot sports growing up


Q: What was your favorite sport that you played while growing up?

A: I love playing soccer!


Q: What's your favorite thing about Lompoc?

A: Friends, family and the beautiful landscapes. It's a small quite town and everyone knows everyone, very family oriented.


Q: How did you get into photography?

A: Someone asked me to intern for them as a wedding photographer and that’s where it all began.


Q: What do you love most about photography?

A: I love creating photos and inspiring people all around the world, weather that’s at sunset or "while you sleep"


Q: How did you come up with the "while you sleep" slogan for when you post early in the AM on Instagram?

A:  I started posting photos and taking photos at midnight or later, so I was shooting and creating art while everyone else was asleep, so it worked out perfectly.


Q: What are some of the companies you've had the pleasure to shoot for?

A: Hypebeast, 10Deep, Creative Recreation, MDV, Blench, Kloude, RVRND and so many others. Too many to list!


Q: What does success mean to you?

A: It means that I am doing what I love & always growing in my journey through life. 


Q: Where would you like to be 3 years from now?

A: Doing full time photography. Maybe starting my own brand. 


Q: Tell us more about this “brand” you want to start?

A: I would love to create a brand where I inspire the world and create content and products to help inspire people to live. I see myself being with a brand like Nike or Toyota , or in 10 years becoming that brand in my own way!


Q: If you won a million dollars what would you do with it?

A: I would start my own brand, pursue my dreams and also open a local coffee shop.


Q: What's on the top of your playlist right now?

A: Anthony Russo , Drake , Lecrae , Frank Ocean , DVSN and John Givez


Q: What are some words of advice you can offer our fans?

A: People will copy you and try to be you. You have to push through and never give up because what you are doing is inspiring someone in the world. That someone needs to see and hear what you have to say. You could be helping someone get through the day without even knowing it. There will be a lot of ups and downs, but if you surround yourself with people who are helping you and pushing you to develop your style, you will get to where you want to be! Never give up! You are more than words can describe.


Q: Anyone you would like to shout out or thank? 

A: My friends, family and Jesus for helping me. All of my fans who push me to get better and inspire me to shoot everyday. Thank you!


Feel free to check Brighton out on instagram @brightong and give him a follow, he posts nothing but fire. We really appreciate your time Brighton! Thank you! Here at the Noble HQ we’ve been busy working on retail store fixtures, our new website, new timepiece designs and even some new accessories! Stay tuned for the next edition of Motivation. Keep grinding & keep shining!


NTP Team