As the weather slowly changes from freezing to a more tolerable cool breeze we are proud to showcase our very first lookbook. We’ve selected four watches from our current line, which have been styled to perfection for this years Spring season.

The Silver Director

This versatile piece has a sleek modern look that can be dressed up or down for a casual Saturday kickback or a night out on the town. $ 260.00

The Offset in Black & White Leather

This bold contrast is a perfect transition piece as your wardrobe makes it way from winter to spring. $ 180.00

The Offset in Rose Gold & Gray Leather

The warm grey’s compliment the rose gold, which brings a nice balance of colors which makes it ideal for your Spring fits and backyard bbq's. $ 180.00

The Gold & Gray Director

This color way has a fresh vibe that is sure to turn heads wherever you go. Limited to only 100 pieces worldwide. $ 240.00