NEW site features!

NEW site features!

We recently made some new updates to our website to help make your shopping experience easier and more enjoyable than ever before. Check out the list below


  1. Band Guide: Our new band guide helps you find the right size band for your Noble. For those that don’t know, each model we make has a different band width. The Offset is 20mm the Pursuit is 22mm and the Director is 24mm. This guide gets you where you need to be when your ready to buy a replacement link or leather band. Check it out.


  1. Try It On: You can find these “Try It On” features on the timepiece product pages next to the specs section. We designed a full scale printable PDF for each timepiece we make. Once you print out the PDF, cut it out and then “Try It On” to see how the watch looks on your wrist. Genius. Check it out.


  1. FAQ’s: We get lots of emails daily asking the same questions which means we weren’t doing our part with providing you enough information on our website. So we created a FAQ page. On this page you can find all of the frequently asked questions and the answers to them. Easy. Done. Check it out.


  1. Influencers: We get asked a lot if we have some sort of program for our customers and fans to join in order to help sell our products. Well... we finally have a program that pays you a cash commission for every sale you bring to our website by customers using your unique promo code. Easy money! Check it out.


  1. Groomsmen: We’ve offered our groomsmen package service in the past and we decided to bring it back because we just can’t stand cheesy etched beer mugs. Your groomsmen deserve better! Check it out.


We are constantly working on fine-tuning our website to make it a pleasant shopping experience for you. We can’t thank you all enough for your support during these times. Keep pushing!


-Westley Noble Founder|CEO